Your body is your own-
do not let them shame you into hating
the birthmark high on your left cheekbone that golden age movie stores used to pencil on for beauty-
do not allow all those images to make you starve and abuse your waist into a more managable size-
your hips are wide enough to carry babies-
your arms strong enough to pile
poetry books-
your too-big, flat feet take you where you want to go in fashionable high heels or ugly server shoes-
your skirts and low cut blouses
are not an invitation- your legs and breasts are yours to expose or cover without comment.
and no one can tell you who is
and is not allowed to experience the softness of your inner thighs- your body is your own to share or withold
and you should never allow it to become
another piece of property
the world turns into a scapegoat or slander campaign.

“slander campaign”- 10-19-13- jessicagadziala


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