I can buy myself flowers-
ones that I would like too
daffodils and lilacs
shasta daisies- instead
of the roses that smell
like valentines hopes turned
to disappointment.
And I can take myself to dinner-
eat all my food and
order dessert without feeling
And I can wear heels without
worrying about towering over him,
bright red lipstick without fear
of not being kissed,
and my retro one-piece bathing suit
and no one can ever claim it would be
embarrassing to be seen with me in it
ever again.
And I can be my own woman-
independent as I have always
claimed to be
a fearless, shameless, confident
version of me
Who can buy her own goddamn flowers.

“i can buy myself flowers”- 5-3-13- jessicagadziala


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