I want you to tell me that the memory still haunts you-
I want it to be that cold feeling
that sneaks up from nowhere, chilling
you to the bone-
I want it to be taunting like
a noise tapping in the dead of the night
that keeps you from sleeping-
I want it to be the dark cloud to you
that it is to me-
because for me it isn’t just a memory-
it is the questions I ask myself
every single day
what was so wrong with me
what I could have said or done
to make you stay-
it is the ghost that has taken up home inside my head-
whispering insecurities
assuring me of my inferiroities
and cursing every relationship
I have tried to foster since-
so why should you get off scot-free.

“the memory of the fire we used to feel is extinguished by the fact that you don’t love me anymore” – 11-3-13- jessicagadziala


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