he holds his coffee like a lifeline-
his eyes electric with anxiety alone
in a corner booth-
and each time the door opens
he looks up eager with hope, unwilling
to accept the truth.

and I can feel his disappointment
sharp like a knife
because if there’s anything at all
I know in this life
it is disappointment in the opposite sex.
and I have too often been that fool
sitting alone
drinking too much coffee
and compulsively checking my phone
all the while praying they
were on their way.

I refill his coffee with a
consolation smile-
drop the check with a note saying
I know you may not believe me
and it could take a while
but someday you will forget the
girl who left you waiting
in that all night diner on your own-
so chin up, dear stranger
I promise you are not in danger
of being forever alone.

“scenes from an all night diner” -11-6-13- jessicagadziala


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