He still loved her when he kissed me
and I could feel his hollowness
like the same I felt inside myself-
trying to move on when your heart
is still in the rearview.

And it has been a year since he
let me find out his body weighed
her bed while he was still holding me at night.
And I guess he found too many
bumps down that road
and decided to find his way back
to me
expecting to find that same
girl I used to be.

But it is hard to forgive
when his apology looked like
road work signs:
danger ahead
detour in 1000 miles.
It may have taken longer than
my pride is willing to admit
but I learned my lesson
in giving second chances
to people who left me for other
hands to hold.

So I said no.

And maybe you, dear old lover
need to know
that you can never really drive
down the same street twice
because I hear you are going
back to her again.

“road work signs”- 11-11-13- Jessicagadziala


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