Don’t Call Him

Don’t call him.
It wont solve anything to reach out because the nights are getting
longer and colder.
Take a hot shower, drink a cup of tea
and go to bed early for a change.
I know the temptation
can feel stronger than your need
to cut your hair when life becomes stale-
but you will only regret it
like the two years it took
for all of it to grow back again.
Don’t give in.
He needs to know that you
for a man who wont introduce you
to his friends or see you on the weekends
or tell you he loves you.
And don’t answer him either.
This might even be harder
than not calling him because maybe
him reaching out first is a sign
that he is changing
maybe he will buy you flowers
or candy
or tell you to get dressed up
and take you to a fancy restaurant-
but that is just your weakness speaking
you know that he only ever calls
so you will come over to watch Friends reruns
and have sex.
And he certainly isn’t calling to tell you
that after a year he has realized
he loves you and doesn’t want to lose you.
So don’t pick up.
Let your voicemail tell him how
you wish him well
but he can go fuck himself if he thinks he can dance around you
So for God’s sake-
have some self worth and
don’t call him.

“Don’t Call Him” – 11-24-13- Jessicagadziala


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