Advice For An Upcoming New Year

Forgive them.
I know they led you around
by your throat
or heart
but the bitterness will eat you
from the inside out
and the boys that left you to
sit by your phone or cry in the shower
surely don’t waste their time
thinking about that time you
called them an asshole and how
they just cant let that go.
So set them… no… set yourself

Stop apologizing.
I know you were born female and
were raised with “I’m sorry”
tripping off your tongue but
sometimes it will feel so much
better to say
you did nothing wrong
and you are not going to grovel
to avoid a fight.

And love yourself-
or if you cant do that-
make yourself someone different
dye your hair
change your city
dress up in a tight dress, high heels, and streetwalker red lipstick on
a Tuesday night and meet strangers-
let them call you something new-
detach from who you have been
or have been pretending to be
for years.

“Advice For An Upcoming New Year”- 11-28-13- jessicagadziala


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