So You Called Him…


l    So you called him
or answered him or whatever
after boasting
for the world to see
that you were stronger than that.

ll    And calling him didn’t solve
anything, did it?
(like you already knew)
he kissed you and massaged your neck
until you were practically purring under
his touch.
But he didn’t call you today
The same old cycle
this ridiculous vicious circle
you keep allowing yourself
to be pulled into until
you feel ill.

lll    It is okay to be a bitch.
You cant always worry that you are
hurting his feelings-
he smashes yours with a hammer
a dozen times a week.
And his opinion shouldn’t be the
thing that alters your behavior
Let him nurse his wounds
with his friends and his video games
(that he has been using as an excuse to
not see you for a week at a time, for months).
Let him learn how it feels
to know that you are no longer just
a phone call away.

lV    And for goodness sakes, woman…
don’t fucking call him.

“So You Called Him”- 11-28-13- jessicagadziala


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