Ihop On A Friday Night


It was all fluorescent lights,
and vinyl covered booths
and I laughed for the first time
in more months than I care to admit-
and I let a stranger run his
fingers through my hair
and fantasized about the person
across the faux wood tabletop-
a man who would take me to plays
and other countries,
who will sit with me until
3AM on a Friday night discussing
and nothing
and enjoying every moment of
each other’s company.
And there you are all the way
across town in bed instead of
next to me and
I don’t even know the names of your
if you’ve ever had your heart broken-
if my actions are even capable
of sending a ripple across
your calm surface.
Would you even care if I told you
I had more fun in five hours without you
than I have in eleven months at your side…

“Ihop On A Friday Night”- 11-30-13- jessicagadziala 


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