Christmastime In Limboland

I want you to want to drive around
and look at Christmas lights with me,
drinking hot chocolate and reminiscing
about the good ‘ole days when people
really decked the halls.
And I want you to come to my house
on Christmas eve, hold my hand
when we go visit the live nativity scene
and brush knees with me by the multi-colored tree that has ornaments I
made in grade school with my silly
toothless grin
and laugh at me when I shake my presents.
I want you to stand in the hallway
and pull me under the mistletoe
and kiss me like you fucking mean it for a change.
I want you there
with the snow falling and the fireplace
roaring and the sound
of carols in the background-
And I want you to love me
and I swear it would be a Christmas miracle –

“Christmastime In Limboland” -12-1-13-jessicagadziala


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