Oh, I Wish I Had A River


It worries me that my favorite
Christmas song is a crooning
Joni Mitchell singing a sombre
song that really isn’t even about
Christmas at all.
And I could worship at her feet
for saying all the things I am
too scared to say (just sing alone
in my car)- when it is coming
on Christmas and I cant recapture
the magic the season used to bring
because every lot full of trees
makes me sad that they had to be cut
down before they got to reach their
arms to the sky
and the songs are all about
joy and peace but I
my family has to have three
separate Christmases
because no one can get along
and it doesn’t look like we are
going to get any snow-
and I swear I wish I had a river too-
and that I could skate away from you
(because you never want to see
me anymore and you don’t try
to put me at ease but maybe I can
hope for a cold spell and the
Navesink will freeze and I can
teach my feet to fly…)

“Oh, I Wish I Had A River”- 12-3-13-jessicagadziala


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