Stream Of Consciousness Poem 2

“Stream Of Consciousness Poem 2” -12-30-13

You sit there in your hopelessness
in a world that will never understand
wearing TARDIS socks and an old
Outkast hoodie, mixing genres and
looking more like yourself than you
ever do after spending an hour
plastering on makeup and squeezing
into tights and high heels.
And I swear you could change the world
with your words if you gave them
or yourself a chance
(If self-doubt were a drug
you’d have overdosed by now)
And you are capable of loving
so deeply that you can still
call them friends after they
lied and cheated and called you
less than worthy
but you buried your heart under
the rubble of the last collapse
and have started to doubt if it
was ever there at all.
But you wiggle your toes in those
silly socks
and I swear you are the most
beautiful thing I have ever seen.



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