When Love Is A One-Way Street


You can’t change him-
heed the advice of a hundred-thousand
heartbroken women before you who
learned this the hard way after
months or years or a lifetime-
he may be shattered in a million pieces,
but trust me
sometimes there isn’t enough
glue in this world to put those
splintered bits back together again-
tell him you’re sorry
but you need someone who doesn’t
cut you everytime you try to hold their hand
or heart-
remind him he was something you wanted so badly to love
if only he would let you-
that you could have spent a lifetime
kissing his wounds and
holding him tighter when the nightmares gave him restless sleep-
that you would have taken his mother’s unwanted advice-
and tolerated his friends-
you could have grown grey and wrinkled-
swaying in a rocking chair next to him-
if only he would have
(even in the most minuscule way)
loved you.

“When Love Is A One-Way Street”- 2-4-17-jessicagadziala


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