You Could Cry

You could cry-
take to your bed in 1950’s dramatics
screaming of the unjustice to a god you are not even sure you believe in-
or you could take a class in
classic literature and read all those books that have been weighing your shelves for years-
go to a club on a salsa dancing night
and press your body against a stranger-
you could see every Broadway show
you have always wanted to
or volunteer your time loving animals
that have only ever been kicked around
and find something kindred in that healing.
You could become bitter-
push everyone away who tries to hold your hand
because you are afraid of losing any more of yourself-
or you could take chances-
let men take you to their favorite haunts and try foods you never would without encouragement-
and only kiss the ones who think your body is beautiful just the way it is for a change-
You could let heartbreak become setbacks-
or you could use them as a reason
to leap forward-

“You Could Cry”- 2-6-14- jessicagadziala


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