Advice For Life When You’re Having A Quarter-Life Crisis


For god’s sake- 
remember to do laundry before
you are wearing your last pair of 
clean panties-
you’re not sixteen
absentmindedness isn’t cute anymore.
Spend the time talking 
to your aunt about dating-
you’re the only person in the family
who understands what it’s like
in this millennium.
Read romance novels
to remind your seasoned soul
and battered heart
that love exists as long as someone
remembers the feelings strong enough
to put pen to paper about it and
first kisses can still
send shivers down your spine.
Try to take off your makeup
before going to sleep and keep
your promises even when you change
your mind-
avoid being fickle and cynical
and keep your childhood wonder-
the world may be big and bad and 
scary enough to want to hide under your covers forever-
but the greatest feeling in the world
lies on the other side of fear
and you never look back regretting 
taking chances-
try jumping in without testing the waters-
and, seriously, do your damn laundry.

“Advice For Life When You’re Having A Quarter-Life Crisis” – 2-11-14- jessicagadziala 


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