Don’t Panic

Don’t panic-
I know the anger comes charging back
like a stampede bent on pulling your under
and the sadness sweeps as constant
and crashing as the ocean on the coast-
but you have to remember words said
rashly leave scars on you as well as him
and you are running out of room on your skin these days-
But you need to breathe-
inflate your lungs with the memory that
you are better than a message harshly written-
and breathe out the urge to throw
the candy you bought him all over his truck
(it’s going to snow- he wont even see it for days and then it will be too late)-
Take a step back
view this as the woman you will be in five
years time-
belly burning in embarrassment for actions fueled my pain and resentment
or calm and proud that you kept your wits about you-
This may be the end you saw coming like leaves reaching the end of their color cycle and hardening-
You might have to accept that there will be
grief that will shake you to your core… again-
You could make the mistake of using this as a reason to keep your heart even further out of reach-
And you may have to start all over.
But don’t panic-
hearts bruise and heal
scars form and fade
and you will be okay.

“Don’t Panic”- 2-15-14-jessicagadziala


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