Miracle Of Engineering

You have to learn to treat yourself
better than you allow others to treat you-
you are a miracle of engineering
with ten perfect fingers
ten (almost) perfect toes
and a nose that isn’t too big for your face.
You could have a glass of wine with
Botticelli and discuss the perfect
fullness of your thighs
and how it is art that they touch together-
and Rubens would say there is nothing wrong
with a belly soft enough to fall asleep on-
Victorian era men would fall to their knees
and spout sonnets to the heaping fullness of
your breasts above your corset-
the same ones you allow yourself
and others to call too big-
you could spend your life detailing
every freckle
and blemish
and jiggling inch of skin-
or you could thank your mother
for making you
a miracle-
a piece of art never to be repeated-
and stop letting those
assholes bring you down.

“Miracle Of Engineering”- 2-15-14- jessicagadziala


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