Pay Attention

Pay attention-
people may not always be capable
of telling you how they feel about you-
You, yourself, have often found your mouth
silent when it should have had the strength
to carry three miles of dense forest-
And you cant expect absolute truth
tripping from clumsy tongues.
They will, however, show you how they see you-
when you wait for him to call on a Friday night
in a party dress, heels, and red lipstick-
and your phone never rings-
when he spends his weekends at a beach club
and tells you he would never be seen in
public with you wearing your one-piece bathing suit-
when he gives up trying when you need him most.
It’s not that it has been a year and a half
and he still hasn’t found the words
“I love you” or “you’re beautiful”-
but that he leaves you alone often enough
for doubts to creep in-
and his hand still hasn’t found yours in public-
it’s the constant, crippling every-day proof
that to him- you are a side-thought,
a back-up plan-
only good enough to keep around
but not good enough to commit to.
So. Pay. Attention.

“Pay Attention”- 3-1-14- jessicagadziala


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