Try to remember all the times 
he reached for your hand first-
not the times you felt completely 
alone in his company-
it wont do you any good searching for
lemons to suck on-
sour has never been a look you’ve worn well.
It’s easier to allow the last 
six months of 
frustration so thick you couldn’t even
think clearly through it
to cloak the memory of the time
he pulled you close and told you 
you were beautiful-
but rewriting history creates a 
monster where there used to be someone
you cared deeply enough for to share
your body with night after night-
Refuse to cheapen your former self
for the present need for somewhere to
place the blame. 
Be mature enough to realize
that like the seasons wane and wear
so do the tethers binding hearts and
caprice isn’t a synonym for carelessness-
love changes and feelings fade
but there once was beauty
and security
and endings breed new beginnings.

“Lemons”- 3-3-14- jessicagadziala


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