Maybe I should move to New Orleans-
get swept away in the erratic
inconsistency of fevered jazz
music on the street-
make reckless love in the
hazy summer heat with a man who
keeps a talisman above his bed
and wake up to him playing a slow
lazy song on the harmonica, perched
in the open window to the fire escape
with a cup of black coffee by his
bare feet and sweat already trickling down his neck-
maybe I just need a new town-
a new hand to hold-
converse with new faces
I’ll never see again on Bourbon Street-
instead of seeing your friends everywhere I turn-
maybe I need to drink gin straight from the bottle-
instead of apple-flavored beer-
gather and cheer at the Krewe du Vieux-
and never step foot in a movie theater again-
eat beignets until they replace
the times we got sushi down by the shore-
maybe I need to run away from
bittersweet memories of you and me-
replace all the things
that once were for all the things
that could be-

“New Orleans”-4-28-14-jessicagadziala


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