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What The Heart Needs :

* The Stars Landing books are fully independent novels, loosely linked. For those who would like to read them as a series, this is book #1 *

HANNAH CLARY left her comfortable life in her small hometown to chase the corporate ladder. After three years, a string of odd jobs and a long stint on unemployment, she gets the opportunity to work at one of the city’s largest companies led by the mysterious and demanding ELLIOTT MICHAELS.
She spends long hours catering to every need of her rude, condescending, and distant new boss finding that, despite her better judgment, she feels a growing attraction to him. Just as she is contemplating all the possible reasons an affair with him would be a terrible idea, mysterious letters start showing up threatening her to stay away from him.
As the threats start permeating every aspect of her life, Hannah is thrown into a dangerous situation and is faced with a difficult decision: run back to her hometown and into the arms of her high school sweetheart Sam Flynn, or stay with the smoldering Elliott Michaels despite the mysterious tormentor getting ever closer.

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What The Heart Wants

* The Stars Landing books are fully independent novels, loosely linked. They are numbered for those who would like to read them in order, this is #2 *

When ANNABELLE GOODE gets the news that a distant aunt has died, leaving her in charge of her estate and thriving farm business, she decides to leave her safe little life behind and start a new chapter in the small town known as Stars Landing.

She quickly finds how unprepared she was for the job, her gorgeous next door neighbor SAM FLYNN, or the disturbingly sexy ERIC O’REILLY.

Caught in a seemingly impossible love triangle, Anna also finds herself obsessed with finding the answers to the puzzling life of her aunt, and being taunted by an unknown and destructive enemy.

Will she choose the warm and steady Sam, or the heart-meltingly charming Eric? Will she ever learn about who, exactly, her aunt was… or who was trying to send her running out of her new found home?


I cant wash him out of my hair
even though it has completely
grown new since the last time
his fingers stroked its
softness from my scalp to my hips-
I cut it all off and felt
naked and unprotected without its
fullness to hide behind-
but somehow he is there
deep in the root, forever-
and I cant unfeel his hands
no matter how many others have
stroked me cheek to toes
and everywhere inbetween
I can feel his fingers bringing
chills and goosebumps and wonder.
and I cant erase these scars
on my heart
my thighs
and wrists
every inch of me screams
with his memory.

“Hair”-11-27-13- jessicagadziala

Poetry Books

I could write a million lines
in a hundred poetry books
and every word would drip
heavy of your name
even ones about other men
who have come since you
left me standing with my
heart in my hands-
somehow you would be there
just under the surface
making my similies and metaphors
about love trip clumsy
and gracelessly fall on their faces.

“Poetry Books” – 11-26-13- jessicagadziala


I put my heart in a jar on a shelf
for safekeeping
next to the salt and flour-
I promised myself two years ago
(hair unwashed
and tears streaming down my face
like a cliche chick movie
showing the audience
this is what happens when you
let someone in!)
that I would leave it there for good.
And I have been falling asleep next
to men who have never asked me
why there isn’t a beating in my chest
but they stay by my side
and I am an addict for comfort and security-
I confuse the two for love-
and just when I think that
I have a stalwart lover at my side
and the memories of the hurt
start to subside
and I am on my tippytoes carefully moving
the sugar and rice jars out of the way
and I find it and twist the cap
and pull it out
turn around in dismay
to find there is no one left to give it to
because love isn’t just a safe place to land
it is the sensation that would have me
barreling to the pantry
breaking every jar on the shelf
and taking my scarred, sad little heart
and thrusting it into hands that
promise to hold it forever.

Love is knowing they can break it
but giving it to them anyway.



He knows how I look naked
stripped down to my soul
cuddled to his chest crying
harder than I had since childhood.
He knows my voice
in love and in anger-
and my silence that screams louder
than any words could.
He had bridged that gap between
best friend
and lover-
but now he is just
a stranger
who knows all my secrets.

“stranger” -11-10-13- jessicagadziala


I would love you in any language-
my native tongue spilling
intricate sonnets to your name-
or confused and lost on a
street in France, unfamiliar
with their words but
then I would see your face and
Je t’aime
would come naturally.
I could meet you in your
homeland- lush greens
and great beer
and despite the fact
that they speak like me-
I would see you on
a sprawling green and
my tongue would find the
ancient words.
Is brea liom tu.
I love you.

“langue” – 11-7-13- jessicagadziala